Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 88: Oh dear, its been too long since I posted

     I had a lovely Christmas gift from Santa Claus. I walked out the gate around my house on xmas day and noticed a hula hoop leaning against the fence. A letter on it read:

"Dear Hula Girl, My friend told me you don't exist but I know you do. I have seen you hula hooping several times and it makes me happy to see you. See? Santa does exist. Sincerely, Santa Claus"

The hoop was a lovely pink and yellow hoop. I am flattered and very curious as to who my hoopmirer could be. I am so happy to have one that I think it should be the goal of people to choose a hoopmirer for yourself and to make and give them a hoop!

Leave it for someone you want to get into hooping! They will enjoy it, if not for themselves, I'm sure they would not hesitate regifting it.

     I've been sporadic... it could be the holidays, but I've been noticing that in the past few weeks I've missed at least half of the days. And I'm sure staying away from posting has something to do with it. When I hoop inside or the weather is bad, I haven't been going as long as I should or as hard as I'd like. Also, instead of trying to do it EVERYDAY, I think it would be better to set a 30-min a day. That way I should complete 3.5 hours a week, 50 hours in 100 days. This seems much more realistic, but I want to be sure that it is at least 50 hours, not up to 50 hours. It would be interesting to see how many hours I can complete in 100 days.

    I am very happy that I have come this far. Even though I have been off and on for a few weeks, I have become closer to perfecting my hooping regimen by documenting it and providing feedback. I notice that if I hoop over an hour one day, the next day I have a light walk and hoop no more than 15 minutes, and often it becomes drudgery rather than excitement. I don't ever want to feel "forced" into hooping. It isn't good for my hoopmentality.

Goals: Finish my Hoop for 100 promise as best I can. I am nearing the end of the first cycle and I am eager to try out my next phase of hooping according to time.  And did I mention I need to finish those damn videos? At least I am taking them ;)

Accomplishments: I am happy to have discovered that I don't have to stick to ONE type of hooping promise to myself. I could even interchange between the hoop all week or hoop by time methods. I am teaching my daughter dancing (she's 11 months but her little wiggles when she stands are adorable). Perhaps the hoop I was gifted will be her first hoop since it is tiny and cute and perfectly Zoraish.

Happy Hooooopin; and I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 62

     Breakthrough! I finally learned a key gesture to improve the quality of my flow. For the sake of being informative and not a prude who wants what I've learned to be mine alone, I'll try to break down what I'm talking about.

     When I usually do moves I focus more on the plane that I'm working on rather than how I'm holding the hoop. While that has been a great thing for me to pay attention to, I've began paying more attention to how fast or slow the hoop moves. I've become much more able to control the hoop and its speed by always keeping two hands on the hoop when I am changing between hands. For instance, when I do a lasso from my waist up to above my hand. I do not "toss" the hoop, now I keep each hand on the hoop for as long as possible. The hand that is going to receive the hoop becomes outstretched so that I grab it earlier than I would normally. This allows my "tossing hand" to add more dance/style to my performance. I let my mom use my camera for the funeral or else I'd make a video RIGHT NOW to show you what I mean.

     Anyhow, its given me loads more confidence in my moves. I love how my style is changing so rapidly after I've made it past the halfway hump. As for weightloss, however, I've plateaud. I'm sure Thanksgiving and its delicious extras didn't help! I sure do love leftovers and pumpkin pie though. Today I finally started saying no to my gut's demands and stopped myself from purchasing this scrumptious looking piece of cake at work.
     Just another thing, even though its pretty gross. I love how I have to make a BM after I hoop. It moves around my insides and gets my burner going.

Accomplishments: I've learned a new crossover hand trick while passing the hoop that makes my dance have mad flow. Thank-you inspiration!

Goals: Get my videos editted. Get my videos up NOW NOW NOW, before I finish 3/4 of this project with little results to show anyone. I want this to be an inspiration and I want it to reach as many people as I can get to hear about it. Hope all that are following this blog can give themselves a hoop challenge of their own length choosing. Be well!