Tuesday, February 1, 2011

way past Day 100...


I successfully attempted my 100 day  challenge. I would say I missed about 2 weeks total: but that IS NOT bad at all for a first try. I noticed that as soon as I started to miss a few days I was able to rationalize missing more. It kind of felt like a DIET because I was obligating myself to do it instead of prioritizing out of want. Now I know when I attempt it again, as I mentioned before, I will do it 3.5 hours/week in stead of 30 min a day minimum. actually... even three hours seems a lot (I have a one-year-old and several part time jobs!) I will just stick with 3 hours I think.

I haven't been able to hoop the past few days because of my NEW HOUSE! YAY I am moving next door since my neighbors got evicted (never paid rent, boo on them. yay for me though). And I plan on keeping one room completely empty just for hoop videos. That's right! I'm going to make hoop videos now. At least ONE A MONTH! I'll go over moves I'm making up, signature moves of others that I've deconstructed (with reference citing to who started it of course), and much more! I'd also like to get my prenatalhooping.com website running with a forum and some super large hoops as well as links to other women who have uploaded videos of themselves hooping. I'll accept any suggestions as to what people would like to see on such a website also.

My big dream is to make a prenatal hooping video! YAY! I can't wait. This summer is going to be fun. I also look forward to going to RAINBOW GATHERING and hooping with the lovely Rainbow Tribespeople in Washington State. Won't you join me?

Love to you all - I will post more next time I am in a 100-day challenge. I  believe I will start another one when I get back from Florida. Time to lose the "vacation" weight. I'll shoot a demo video on the beach there if I have some free time!