Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3: Hooping for another 100 days! DIET and EXERCISE

I'm off again! This time I really just wanted to hoop for 30 minutes a day again. I have been more "go with the flow" this time, and its working wonders. I've made up a few moves that look cool that incorporate a vertical knee stop on my right leg, then I grab the hoop with my left hand to swing it around my thumb behind my back while I drop down, then I grab the hoop with my right hand and stop it on my left knee then reverse the above move over and over. It looks pretty awesome - would look better if I had flippy-long hair then I could go all the way down and back up with a trail of hair!!

My overall flow is much better after just 3 days. Maybe its the radio - but whatever it is I think having music to jam to and time/space to do it is a MAJOR factor.

I haven't figured out which day will by me "off" day yet. I think Sunday since I will be working for my mum this weekend. And a general break day is always needed - especially for a 100 day excursion like this.

As for my diet: I will be utilizing the 1-2-3-3 method (I just made it up but I'm sure something exists!)

1 whole gluten-free grains (1 GF toast/ 1/2 C rice / 1/2 GF pizza crust)
2 fruits (anything that can be in one handful except dried fruits)
3 proteins (3oz. LEAN meat / 2 eggs / 1/2 C beans / 1 oz. beef jerky / 1/2 C nuts/seeds)
3 vegetables (1/2 C any UNCOOKED or LIGHTLY STEAMED veggie, 2 C greens)

Unlimited black coffee/tea (stevia english toffee sweet drops, no creamer)
Beyond Tangy Tangerine (or similar vitamin powder with water)
1/2 your body weight in ounces of water

NO artificual colors/flavors/ sweeteners/anything
NO dairy/gluten/fatty meats

So with this diet and hooping for 100 days we'll see where it lands me!

Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: I don't care, haha... I just want to feel more healthy/strong

Let's hoop!