Monday, May 9, 2011

Starting up a Hoop Challenge: Rules

Its time to start another hoop challenge! How long do I do it this time?

I like 100 days but it is not to be entered into lightly. Hooping everyday is something you enter into after weeks of gradually hooping more and more often. For instance, the past week, I  hooped 4 days. That's pretty decent. How long? About 5  hours. Also decent... Now; do I want to hoop 3.5  hours a week or 30  min. a day?

I'll shoot for 30 minutes a day. If that starts transforming into 3.5 hours a week, what's meant to be will be... and I am not going to fight it. This challenge is meant to be fun! I will write the days into my calendar as I did last time. I will also write "A: for arm weight lifting, L: for leg weight lifting, Z: for Zumba aerobic class, KB: for Step Kick-boxing class, or S: for spinning" These will really help my hooping. Despite a regimen of the above workouts over the past month, I have easily fit hooping into the mix. All thanks to my lovely man who watches our daughter while I run to the gym to honor my bodytemple. Thanks HAROLD! Kisskiss.

My super supreme overall goal after this challenge is to somehow integrate hooping with a break dancing move. After breaking my ankle almost 2 years ago I still have wobbly legs. I  need the strength training to help my muscles rebuild so that I have confidence to execute these moves without wariness. I am even scared to do a left handed cartwheel! My leftedness needs assistance. I will also be trying to do more left-spinning hoop moves to equal myself out. 

I will be posting a trick I am trying to master from YouTube. I am always trying to get one down, and I don't mind sharing which ones intrigue me most. Today's is the triple jump! I love how hoppy this kid is. I never seem to jump off the ground enough.

I really like this boy's enthusiasm and his accent!

I will start my challenge very soon, I just want the timing to be right.