Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day -57

I decided to do a countdown until I start 100 days again. Since having my precious second child I've put on all those lovely fat stores again. Needless to say there are several extra inches on my waist and my favorite hoop doesn't stay up as easy as it used to! So what is my plan? Well last pregnancy I lost about 45 pounds hoopdancing and walking. However this took about 18 months. I suppose if you figure 1 pound a week (which is recommended), I lost 1/2 lbs. a week and that is still pretty successful. But I know this time I want to do it in half that time. And I also want to get SMALLER than my prepregnancy weight. I know now that breastfeeding doesn't melt the pounds away. I will not be relying on that and continue to eat 800 calories over my limit or indulge in food simply because I broke a sweat that day.

I will sweat EVERYDAY.

I am anxious to add more high intensity cardio to my hoopdancing. I have been watching some workout videos for inspiration and I think there is a way to add HIIT and hoopdancing. However - here comes the big question - Will the hoop lose its fun? I don't want to overdo it. And honestly I know its only because I'm not hooping right now that I'm even considering that "overdoing it" is possible. You are reading my internal dialogue counteract itself right now.

Whenever I hear a song I like all I can imagine is dancing and hula hooping to it on an mp3 player in a park somewhere. Songs really bridge the hoop from being another boring exercise. Its like dancing to no music if you're just by yourself with a hoop and no tunes. And everytime I have hooped since the baby has come its very impromptu and lacking a musical zest.

I will download/buy some music right this instance! There is no more wallowing in the silence with my potential. All it takes is to get motivated... -57? NO WAY. I am going to start 15 minutes a day for 100 days starting... TOMORROW!