Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 19!!!!

Today was a total non-hooping day for me. I really wanted to go out to breakfast with my family and when I got home I had to squirm to wrap and tape 10 hoops! I wonder if I should count hoopmaking as hooping. I swear I burn just as many calories and I love them both! haha... I won't let myself off the hook just yet. There are 5 more hours in this day and I will get in my rotation soon.

To recap:

Now that you got your legs and arms trained its time to work on your opposite direction, or the reverse flow of your hoop. Think of the hoop tricks you like the most, now let's reverse it!  My natural flow is clockwise and I am right handed. So this week I will NOT use my right hand and will only hoop counter clockwise during my first 15 minutes. Also, when doing hoop tricks, I will hoop on my left leg, not my right (I am right dominate) In the last 20 minutes of free hoopdancing I will resume using my dominate direction and arm/leg.
Homework: Find 3 hoop videos that are different from how you hoopdance, See what they do that you don't. Do you like it? Do you want to incorporate it? Try to during your 20 minutes!

Day 15, 16, Stretch for 5 minutes, If you can, try your 3 leg hoop tricks in the opposite direction, free hoopdancing for 20 minutes. Stretch for 5 minutes
Day 17. REST DAY
Day 18 Stretch for 5 minutes, Opposite Direction (Clockwise/counter-clockwise) hoopdancing for 15 minutes, free hoopdancing for 20 minutes, Stretch for 5 minutes
Day 19, 20, Stretch for 5 minutes, Opposite Arm/Leg Dominate hoopdancing for 15 minutes, free hoopdancing for 20 minutes, Stretch for 5 minutes
Day 21, REST DAY


I am not going to let today's activities keep me from spinning! I have been thinking of hooping all day as I wrapped the bubbles around my precious creations and all I wanted to do was spin them in a golden grassy field! I think my time to shine is coming. If not in the hoop, by making them at least. I am very impressed with what I have been accomplishing lately. I just wish I could be making my streamerhoops in massive production right now. There isn't much I can do about it: they are just too time consuming for people to purchase them from me. I also need more designs, I only have the ones I created currently (4 to be exact) and all my ribbon is in storage! Its probably only 45 minutes deep into my container, and yet so far away...

I am very anxious to make a Om Mani Padme Hum hoop!!! I wish those tibetan prayer flags would get here! I guess they take awhile to ship since they are coming from around the world. No worries. I can wait for a good thing.

Zora is waking up now, crying for me to come cuddle. So I better go! Tata.!.!

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