Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lots of energy to hoop!

You first find hooping, its amazing. You hoop A TON. You have so much to learn, so many tricks, so many directions... it is unknown, you are hooked. You drop pounds, you look sexy! You want to hoop more to show off your tricks AND show off your new physique. Confidence abounds. The hooping continues. You get better and look better....

The blessed circle of gifts which hooping provides needed a jumpstart for me. I put on a lot more weight with my second daughter and I was frankly very tired of carrying it around.  Being so physically and emotionally tired led me to hoop much less. Even if I really wanted to, I just couldn't get out there! A part of it is my lack of music, which I am still trying to remedy.

I needed motivation. I decided to embark on low calorie diet with the "As Slim As Possible or ASAP" program to assist my rapid weight loss. Since I have dropped those pesky 15 pounds in three weeks I have been hooping every second I can.

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A part of that is feeling comfortable in my skin. I didn't like going to Zumba all that much before. All the mirrors and slow progress on the scale of my hard work was getting annoying!  I guess there really is something to be said of good old DIET and EXERCISE.

So after my mostly diet phase, I am going to shift back into my dancing and dieting phase and hopefully will get the results I've been aiming for. Its time to tighten up!

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