Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3: Hooping for another 100 days! DIET and EXERCISE

I'm off again! This time I really just wanted to hoop for 30 minutes a day again. I have been more "go with the flow" this time, and its working wonders. I've made up a few moves that look cool that incorporate a vertical knee stop on my right leg, then I grab the hoop with my left hand to swing it around my thumb behind my back while I drop down, then I grab the hoop with my right hand and stop it on my left knee then reverse the above move over and over. It looks pretty awesome - would look better if I had flippy-long hair then I could go all the way down and back up with a trail of hair!!

My overall flow is much better after just 3 days. Maybe its the radio - but whatever it is I think having music to jam to and time/space to do it is a MAJOR factor.

I haven't figured out which day will by me "off" day yet. I think Sunday since I will be working for my mum this weekend. And a general break day is always needed - especially for a 100 day excursion like this.

As for my diet: I will be utilizing the 1-2-3-3 method (I just made it up but I'm sure something exists!)

1 whole gluten-free grains (1 GF toast/ 1/2 C rice / 1/2 GF pizza crust)
2 fruits (anything that can be in one handful except dried fruits)
3 proteins (3oz. LEAN meat / 2 eggs / 1/2 C beans / 1 oz. beef jerky / 1/2 C nuts/seeds)
3 vegetables (1/2 C any UNCOOKED or LIGHTLY STEAMED veggie, 2 C greens)

Unlimited black coffee/tea (stevia english toffee sweet drops, no creamer)
Beyond Tangy Tangerine (or similar vitamin powder with water)
1/2 your body weight in ounces of water

NO artificual colors/flavors/ sweeteners/anything
NO dairy/gluten/fatty meats

So with this diet and hooping for 100 days we'll see where it lands me!

Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: I don't care, haha... I just want to feel more healthy/strong

Let's hoop!


  1. The first trick to being able to hula hoop is to purchase one that will work best for your weight and height. For performing multiple hoops it's recommended to purchase a hula hoop that is smaller than needed than larger.

  2. Just wanted to give you kudos for keeping this challenge up. Just started to hoop, was inspired by a friend to pick it up, and wanted to see what people are doing with their hoop. Great job.